It’s a Ball…It’s a Cake…It’s a Cake Ball

Some of the local bakeries have introduced something a little different but I’m not sure it is something that is new.  At a recent visit to the Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago, IL I was perusing there display and came a cross these little colorful balls.

These “Cake Balls” are what I consider a decadent treat. The flavors were yellow, chocolate, and even red velvet cake. The colors on the outside ranged from the bright vibrant yellow to a warm toasty light brown to a dusty red, to mention a few.

The real treat comes when you bite into one of these. The cake was sweet, moist, and very full of flavor. Just below the colorful sprinkles was a layer of sweet icing. Just enough to make the flavor pop in your mouth.  WARNING, these things are habit forming.

No Pie Like Apple (Strudel) Pie

Who can resist an apple pie? I know very few people who can say that they don’t like apple pie, but I know there must be a few denied souls out there some where. The Angel Food Bakery makes makes mini pies of various flavors. My recent visit I picked up an Apple Strudel pie.

This is a best of a both world’s for me. If you enjoy the crumble top of an apple crisp, the flaky crust of a fine strudel, and sweet-tart of apple filling then this is a pie you will savor.

The photographs really don’t do this pie justice. Go now, don’t stop, hurry get to the Angel Food Bakery and say “Apple Strudel Pie” please.

Almond Light Flaky Pastry – What More Do You Want?

Stopping by Fritz’s Pasty I noticed that they had one of my favorite items. Now I have to warn you that this is a favorite for a lot of people. Most of the time I stop by they’ve sold out of the Almond Croissants.

The Almond Croissant and a cup of French Roast coffee is the perfect “pick me up” for the mid afternoon drag.

No Margerine Allowed on Premises

Traveling along W. Division Street in Chicago, IL there’s a strip of popular eating and drinking establishments that provide a wide range of cuisine. As you approach the western end of the strip one of the last places you will encounter is Letizia’s Natural Bakery. Entering the shop you cannot help but notice the familiar red circle with a diagonal slash across it with the word “margarine” in the middle. Yes this is a baker that takes pride in the fact that they use only natural sweet butter in all of their goods. Now I’m not exactly a butter person, but I can say that it must make a difference in that this place always has people coming and going. What I do appreciate is the distinct flavors you experience from anything you get. This day I decided on a couple of muffins. Initially there was the visual appeal, but as I leaned in a little closer the strong spice coming from the pumpkin-spice muffin closed the deal. Right beside the pumpkin-spice muffin was another favorite; carrot cake. I cannot guarantee that they’ll have either of these flavors when you visit, but if you find your way to Letizia’s I try whatever you find that suits you. You won’t go wrong with anything they have on display.