St. Tropez Cake – A Cake with Style

The brioche is an extremely versatile platform for producing some of the most interesting and delicious bake goods. I discovered the St. Tropez cake recently at Fritz Pastry.

This is a brioche that has been sliced into two halves. Sandwiched between the two halves you find vanilla custard and butter cream.  If you are at Fritz Pastry you have to try this.

Simple Pleasure Is Sometimes What We Crave

For anyone following this blog they must be thinking that I have cupcake on the brain. As it turns out this morning I went to Fritz Pastry and decided that I wanted something very basic for breakfast.

Scanning the baker’s rack I knew I found my love of the day. The basic butter croissant. Well there’s actually nothing basic about this. Warm it ever so slightly and it melts in your mouth.

Did someone say something about cheesecake?

OK, I know it was so cruel of me to mention the cheesecake cupcakes available at Molly’s Cupcakes without posting the photo. So here it is. To be more specific Molly’s Cupcakes will have a specially featured flavor for a limited time. On my visit the flavor was blueberry cheesecake.

When I saw it I knew without asking what flavor it was. The blueberries, graham cracker crust crumble, and cheesecake filling was all in plain view.  My eyes were seeing a cupcake. My mouth was tasting cheesecake.