The Macaron – Coconut Not Included (or missed)

If someone were to offer you a macaron the image that comes to mind in the USA is coconut. These chewy globs of coconut, cookie and sugar have some how come to mean macaron to us. When I stepped into Fritz Pastry I was looking for coffee. Coffee is one of my admitted addictions. If I smell coffee in the making it’s almost a given I’ll be drinking.

The pastry display at Fritz is simple but effective. At the star position in the case are these little sandwich cookies of various colors. Once you look you hooked. I scanned the entire case but my eyes would continue to drift back to the top row. Upon asking I was told the object of my eye are the macarons. Now this ain’t my father’s macaron. These are prepared in true Parisian style. The various flavors will offer something for almost any taste bud. I shared my find with a friend and she said that the pistachio are worth killing for. As for me I did have the coffee. I had coffee to complement the mocha macaroon.

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