Marcus Maddox is a Chicago-based commercial photographer specializing in fine art, still-life, and life-style photography. Being a visually motivated person he’s drawn to certain subject matter due to what is perceives as its unique visual signature. Upon entering a local pastry shop his eyes were pulled to a display that looked simple but worked effectively. He observed that as people came to the counter no matter what they intended to order they had to gaze at the pastry just below and in front of them. He studied the detail and color of the items in the case and started to appreciate the effort that went into their making. The symmetry and choice of colors were a work of art. Even more challenging this art has to taste good or it is the worst kind of disappointment.

This is a record (word and picture) of pastries, cookies, cupcakes, pies, and the like. These items have the eye appeal that leads you to them. Then there’s the taste texture and aroma that completes the transaction. Chicago is a city known to have some very fine dinning including the small lessor known bakers located in and around town. The talent within the establishments is impressive. Presented here is some examples of the “sweet and tasty art” you can find if you look.

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